Every Day at RVCOC is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Our prices cannot be compared; they are sometimes so low they are embarrassing!

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RVCOC has opened a Second Location

RVCOC has recently opened a second location to serve you!

With more troubling times coming in this Country and around the world; RVCOC wants to help more people by offering High Quality home improvement products at unbelievably lowest


Higher cost of living, and lower personal finances make upgrading you Homes more difficult; come in and check out RVCOC2 and see how we are helping improve your way of life.

We are located at 546 2nd Street Yuba City, CA 95991……OPEN Wednesday thru Friday 11am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm….(530)329-8361…………Also follow us on Facebook!!


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Hot new items…They will not last long..Hurry In!

Will not last a few days!

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Hot New Items….That will not last long…Hurry In.

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Super Hot Deals This Week

2012 Open House Flyer

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3rd Annual Open House Celebration

We are having our 3rd Annual Open House Saturday July 14th from 9am-4pm.
Come join us for free food, fun, prizes, and Unbelievably Low Asking Donation Prices on Brand New High Quality Building Materials.

Bathroom Sinks = $5 New Boxes of Tile = $1 Brand New Tile Tools = $1 to $5 Picture Windows $5 Windows = $25

390 Virginia Street
Gridley, CA 95948

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Working Together

I keep thinking “We” can do so much more to help people who are hurting, scared, under-resourced, elderly, disabled, or anyone who needs help; if we simply “Work Together”.

“We The People” are the only ones who can truly take care of ourselves! We cannot, and should not, rely on the Government to do it! In fact; we should not rely on anyone to do it; we should “Work together” and get it done!

When we started RVCOC 3 short years ago; one of our very first members came to me and asked if he could help his neighbor. He explained to me that his neighbor was 80+ years old and her aluminum frame sliding glass door was very hard to open. She would muscle it open and then hold her swollen elbow. She lives on a very fixed income and buying a new glass door, let alone installing it; or God forbid having to call a Contractor to install it, is one of the furthest things from her  mind; but the pain in her elbow is not far from her mind!

In my heart this  is how we will work together! Family helping Family, neighbors helping neighbors, and so on…..But more importantly; Strangers Helping Strangers!

Listen you all; I am going to keep this one short, but I have a lot to say on this matter and I will be learning to blog and talk about this in much more detail.

So for now; If you have a desire to help, please come and see us at RVCOC….”Together We” can make a change for the better!

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‘Extreme Makeover, Sutter County Edition’

River Valley Community Outreach Center and Mark Miller in the news.

By Howard Yune/Appeal-Democrat
At a house just west of Yuba City, the recipe for renewal has been simple but elusive — donated windows, tiles and paint and volunteer labor to restore a home.
begonias by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere
This month, one home’s makeover has started to become a reality. A Yuba City business owner’s chosen mission — to steer surplus building materials toward repairing broken-down housing — is merging with a Sutter High School group’s efforts in what planners hope is the first of several “home makeovers” in the Mid-Valley.

The project to overhaul a rundown home began Jan. 10 with the River Valley Community Outreach Center — which supplies home repair supplies to the needy — and an annual public service campaign by Sutter High’s branch of the Future Business Leaders of America.

“I was looking at the housing situation and the homeless situation,” said Mark Miller, founder of the River Valley Outreach and a volunteer for the American Red Cross of Northeastern California, which includes Yuba-Sutter. “I saw other organizations building new homes, contractors tearing down old homes to build new ones, but people were falling through the cracks.”

Autumn home by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere
Starting in November 2009, Miller solicited donations — sometimes in grants from the likes of Home Depot, but more often in building supplies that otherwise would end up in landfills. Housing materials have been donated to about 350 families from Sacramento to Shasta County, he estimated.

“We actually have to find people who are hurting and can’t afford to, say, put a new window in their house,” he said last week. “They’ve already tried the city, the county, Habitat for Humanity and haven’t been able to get anything.”

After months of gifting the needy with a door here and a new floor surface there, River Valley Outreach searched for a more ambitious mission — and found a school group thinking the same thing.

“Mark said he had all this stuff in a warehouse, and how could he get the word out?” said Charm Simlick, a Sutter High teacher and FBLA adviser whose group was seeking a community service project for a national competition. “So the kids came up with the idea of an extreme makeover, Sutter County edition.”

From a few applications sent to the club, members chose the home of Truth Snow, a Sutter County employee and mother of four. After the family home was damaged by fire in 2003 and her husband died a month later, the home’s floors, windows and fixtures gradually slipped into disrepair with not enough money for an overhaul.

For nearly three weeks, the revival of the Snow home has been a tag-team of volunteers — workers from River Valley Outreach bringing in flooring and windows, with about 10 Sutter high-schoolers tearing out and installing items — in two daily shifts. About a week remains in the project, but Simlick described rewards already received in the homeowner’s gratitude.

“Last week there were three of us working, and I said, ‘OK, I’ll get the (daughters’) room finished before we leave — the girls will have their room back to sleep in tonight,'” Simlick recalled.

“As the girls finished their homework later, I said, ‘Girls, let’s go,’ and I showed them the room. They were so excited — arranged everything the way they wanted, organized the drawers, and they were totally into it, and it made me feel really good.”

“Life goes on and you pick yourself up and you do OK,” said Snow, 45. “But to be offered something like this … it’s just amazing that this kind of community feeling still exists. It’s good to know people aren’t just out there to get something for themselves; they’re willing to give what they can.”

Contact us or come by and see the warehouse for your home improvement needs.

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Various Items for the Bathroom

We get various items for the bathroom including bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and tile and decorative tile. Installation not included.

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Items for the Office

Office items vary and are subject to availability.

office cubicles

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