Product / Service #1

RVCOC is perfect Recycling. We gather donated materials from manufacturers and other Non Profits

We then organize and re-distribute these items to the under-resourced public.

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Product / Service #2

RVCOC then uses those proceeds to care for the even more under-resourced.

We do Free home makeovers for Widows, Veterans, Single Parents, Ill, Poor, and even Homeless (Tents, Blankets, Clothing….Etc)

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Product / Service #3

RVCOC also gives products freely to those who are extremely under-resourced.

RVCOC then donates to other Non Profits, Churches, Foster Homes, Orphanages, Missionary Groups, Rehabs, Rescue Missions, and more…..

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Your Main Message

RVCOC is able to help literally Thousands of families every year. We help about 100 people per day in each location.

RVCOC also then helps with at least 10 Extremely Under-resourced families each month with free materials, or lining up a volunteer workforce to install, repair, or build new needed living space, or repairs.

We also Donate materials and Money to other Organizations to help further their causes.

We do outreach events and special projects any time we can or are asked! Like the picture above:

This was Head Start….They came and made stepping stones from re-sourced materials, then they put their own style on it with Tile, Stones, paint; whatever they wanted and took them home after they dried.

All this was possible because Companies Donate their excess materials and people donate their time!!

We worked with literally a thousand people from the CA Fires by Providing Water, Clothing, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Food, Shoes, Medical Supplies, and Probably Most Important…Fellowship in a time of Dire need.

All made Possible by Companies Donating excess materials.

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Next Steps…

Please Continue to Pray for RVCOC and more importantly for the People who need Help!!

Come and meet us! Volunteer, and Donate!!

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