Our Journey

River Vallet Community Outreach Center

Caring for the Needy

My name is Mark Miller. I am 45 years old. I have been led to open this outreach by my faith in Jesus Christ. For 30 years, I was a slave to drugs and a lifestyle of lawlessness and destruction, both to myself and all who came into contact with me, especially the people who loved me the most—my family. I had been a complete no-show at all important and difficult life events my family experienced. I have seen suffering from both sides of the tracks and figure we can transform communities together. Grassroots community-based outreaches like this can change our communities and be completely self-sufficient while caring for the under-resourced, needy, and the ill, all the while creating jobs, training opportunities, and promoting volunteerism throughout our communities, by sharing the love of Christ through meeting material needs.

Next Steps

Help us Continue and Grow this Ministry by Coming in and meeting us. Spreading the word…Referring people in need…Donating your excess materials…and Most Importantly: Praying for this Ministry!!

Last year my uncle Herb Miller was asking if we wanted to open a warehouse here, and I, of course, was too busy with my for-profit business. Then something happened; my grandmother passed away, and I decided I had left my family members alone to deal with these life events long enough, and I went to West Virginia with my dad to be with him to say goodbye to his mother, my grandmother. It was truly the first time I can remember being a support for my parents, “sad but true”.

We will help young people avoid these types of things and, by the grace of God, share the Grace that God has to offer us all.

For me, her funeral was not sad at all, I was so deeply touched by her service I was changed somehow, deeply. You see, she lived her life truly in service to everyone she came in contact with, exactly the opposite of my first 30 years on this planet. Her funeral was a celebration of her life, and God welcomed her home right in front of our very eyes. I decided at that moment I was going to try and live the rest of my days here on earth like my grandmother lived her life.

River Vallet Community Outreach Center

True Spirit of Recycling

RVCOC is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that matches the “under-resourced with the overstocked.” We typically find companies that manufacture building materials, tools, supplies, and related products that have a need to dispose of slow-moving, obsolete, or off-spec (usable) products that can be donated at a substantial tax credit to the donor. We at RVCOC then re-distribute these materials to families and individuals who have a need for them and could otherwise not afford them.

This is true recycling; we keep the materials out of the landfill at the same time helping the donor company “Go Green” and recycle the materials, we get the materials to people who really need them, and we do this, not for profit, but for the benefit of all people. By upgrading the homes and buildings in our communities with these new materials, we increase the property and neighborhood value and enhance the appearance; this also makes the homes more energy-efficient, thus conserving energy while lowering the family’s bills, making this a true win-win solution to many issues.

Our Vision

Our future is an even further vision of this “true” recycling. We want to recycle unemployed, homeless, disabled, or any other people who need or desire to get back into a rewarding and productive role, doing some discounted work for other under-resourced families to install these materials, thus creating a network of people who need a hand up, helping people who need a hand up. This can be much more than just a warehouse full of materials; it can be a central starting point for creating a “Grass Roots” network of neighbors helping neighbors, families helping families, organizations helping organizations, and people helping people.

This is the passion of my new life, and this is how I have helped and will continue to help reuse, reduce, and recycle, all the while teaching and promoting others to get excited to do the same.

Meet the Team

Mark Miller

Founder & CEO
Follower of Jesus Christ!
Husband, Father, Son, Sibling, and Friend to Amazing Human Beings!
Entrepreneur, Investor, and Student of Life!!

August DePhillips

Follower of Jesus Christ. Church Leader, Disciple Maker, Husband, Father, and Friend to Countless people.
Retired Air Force: Master Sargent
Retired From US Airways

William Sharp

Follower of Jesus Christ.
Father, Husband, and Friend to many!
Volunteer Extraordinaire
Retired Owner Operator Truck Driver.
Mechanic for Penske Leasing Company.